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    Why Choose Body Renovation?
    I have been working out with Bear at Body Renovation since 2003.
    I feel like the trainers and the people I work out with have become family.
    The results are worth the time and money spent investing in your physical health!
    Sheri K
    Client since 2003
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    Why Choose Body Renovation?
    I moved to Dallas and didn't know anyone and I was really focused on getting in shape.
    Bear is very knowledgeable, taught me how to eat properly and work out with the proper form!
    Five years later I still have the pleasure to be trained by him and count on him for anything!
    I HIGHLY recommend Body Renovation !!!
    Danubia S
    5 Years - 5 Stars!

Dallas Personal Training
Individual Attention

Bear Mitchell created Body Renovation as a personal training practice that caters to all ages and fitness abilities. Bear and his team will help you discover how personal training can fit your lifestyle. Sign-up for your free fitness evaluation today. Our Personal Trainers work with clients across Dallas, Uptown, Addison, Plano and the Park Cities.

Personal Training Services

Our certified personal traininers will work with you to create a fitness program that fits your schedule and priorities. We know you have a life and fitting in time at the gym can be difficult.  Gyms can be crowded when you have time to work out. Body Renovation is different.  We will create a custom fitness program that fits you and your busy schedule and is designed to deliver maximum results in the time you have.

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Personal Fitness Programs

Our focus is you.  Bear and his team will design an individual program to help you achieve your fitness goals whether they are weight loss, healthy lifestyle, overcoming injuries or improving strength and flexibility. We change things up, develop customized meal plans and even help you stay on track when you travel.  Monthly measurements, fitness tracking tools and personal encouragement will help you get and stay fit. 

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Team|Group Fitness Programs

From small groups and teams to Fitness Bootcamps, the certified personal trainers at Body Renovation will customize a training workout program for you. We encourage couples, friends and families to share the workout experience. Let us be part of your fitness "team" with a personalized program designed with you in mind.

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why choose body renovation for your personal training?

  • One-on-one training for a guaranteed productive workout
  • Flexible hours so you can workout at your convenience
  • Personalized workouts tailored to your goals and lifestyle
  • Team and group training also available
  • Measurements every month, so you can track your personal progress
  • Customized meal plans and weekly food journal analysis
  • Out-of-town workouts to keep you on track

We know you’re busy. You haven’t made dinner. Your child has soccer practice. Your boss scheduled another meeting. You have plans to meet your friends for dinner. With all your priorities, it’s hard to imagine yourself at the gym. And when you do go to the gym it's packed. So how can you workout and still meet your priorities? Let one of our certified personal trainers create a customized training program that easily fits into your busy schedule.

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